Management Consultancy Services
Definition of the term Management Consultancy Service
1.Financial Management planning and financial policy determination.
2. Capital structure plans and advice regarding raising finance.
3. Working Capital Management.
4. Preparing project reports and feasibility studies.
5. Preparing Cash Budgets, Cash Flow Statements, Profitability Statements, Statement of sources and application of           funds, etc.
6. Budgeting including capital budgets and revenue budgets.
7. Inventory managements, material handling and storage
8. Price-fixation and other management decision making.
9. Management accounting systems, Cost Control and Value analysis.
10. Control methods and Management Information and Reporting.
11. Personnel recruitment and selection.
12. Setting up executive incentive plans, wage incentive plan etc.
13. Management and operational audits.
14. Advice regarding amalgamation and mergers.
14. Business policy, Corporate Planning, Organizational Development, Growth and diversification.